Tree Removal Update

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A large elm tree in front of the St. Nicholas building has deteriorated in recent years due to Dutch Elm Disease (the disease which has killed over 75% of all the elm trees in North America over the last hundred years). Certified arborists and the City of Seattle concluded that the tree was irreparably diseased and had become a fall risk, so earlier this week Kemp West Tree Service carefully felled the tree, navigating the power lines and trolley lines under its sprawling canopy.

A ring count suggests the tree was right at 100 years of age, making it the oldest tree on our campus. The wood will be salvaged, seasoned, and used for furniture and a sculpted art piece. We give thanks for this majestic tree and honor its life in our midst. Saint Mark’s will plant a new tree in its place as part of our commitment to Creation Care.

See some photos below (click to enlarge)

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  1. Marjorie Ringness
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    Thank you for telling our community about the necessary removal of this old tree, rather than just letting this news go by with no mention. It is a way of honoring this 100-year-old tree and its history.

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