Episode 7: Representation: Music

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Representation is a big issue for BIPOC people, and representation in church music? Even more so. This is the first episode on our theme of representation: why it is important, and what is overlooked when equal representation is missing. Cara and Michael chat about some observations Cara’s picked up in her capacity as a music student and professional musician, and why “merit-based hiring” is a good way to shut out entire demographics of professionals.

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  1. Penny
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    I appreciate that first you laid out the sad reality of under representation of BIPOC (and women) in church music and then gave us specific examples of people we know and treasure at St Mark’s who, within their circles of influence, are creating change. The story of the upcoming O Antiphons composition is fabulous. We have such rich music (and words) around the worldwide Anglican Communion (not solely from Europe) to tap, IMHO.

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