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These are the primary ways we grow together:

Worship Together

We recognize that despite the many programs we offer, your children are formed most by their lives with you. Similarly, in the Episcopal Church we claim that we are all formed in faith at every age by our praying and worshipping together.  So, we encourage you to come and worship with your children here at Saint Mark's at any of our weekly services. For more information about worshipping with children at Saint Mark's, contact Kelly at kmoody@saintmarks.org.

Sunday Morning Church School

Sunday School meets Sundays, mid-September through May, from 10:10 to 10:55 a.m. in the St. Nicholas Building, and is led by parents and volunteers in the Saint Mark's community. Children age 3 through 8 participate in Godly Play, a Montessori-based method of Episcopal faith formation. Ages 9-11 participate in Jesus and His Kingdom of Equals, a gospel-focused curriculum with hands-on activities and community-building. Parents get to know one another in the hallway suite between classrooms, or attend a Sunday forum. (Check Sundays and Beyond, the weekly newsletter, for the Sunday schedule this week!)

Monthly Children’s Chapel

We love having kids in worship!  Our children's chapel is designed to expand children's engagement with our regular, Sunday Services.  On the second Sunday of the month, during the 9 a.m. sermon, children ages 3 through second grade gather at the baptismal font in the Nave and process to Thomsen Chapel. Join staff and Cathedral ministries for instructed worship opportunities that supports children's need for tactile, kinesthetic and concrete learning experiences about our liturgical worship.  Together we will explore our scriptures, liturgical movements, and collective prayers in child-friendly ways, and connect with Cathedral ministries that welcome kids' participation.  Parents are always welcome! We return to the Nave at the Peace.

Wednesday Wonderings 

During the 5:30 p.m. Eucharist, a brief 30-minute children's gathering is offered in the St. Nicholas building for children ages 4-8. Check-in begins at 5:20 p.m. Afterward, we will walk with the senior choristers to dinner at 6 p.m. and meet our grown-ups in Bloedel Hall. Contact Kelly Moody prior to attending for the first time at kmoody@saintmarks.org

Parents' Bible Study (PBS)

5:30 p.m. on Evensong Sundays (or 1st Sunday of the month), with childcare available.  An exploration of the bible in the company of others raising children with faith, hope, doubt, fear and trembling.

*PBS is on hiatus during The Radix Project: Small Groups/Deep Roots.

Seasonal Events

Join us for our annual Advent Event, Mardi Gras Pancake Supper, or Pentecost Run/Ride/Roll. Stay tuned for information about summer programs, including Eat, Play Love! These family-centered events will be noted in the monthly Children's and Family newsletter and in Sundays and Beyond.



Saint Mark’s is a Christ-centered community that welcomes all children. We encourage families to worship with their infants and toddlers at all services. At the same time, the cathedral offers this option for young children and their parents to meet same-aged peers and provide for a variety of options for worship, ministry and study.

The Child Care Center is a warm and safe environment located in the main building of the Cathedral. This space is staffed by two loving adults, and includes large and small motor development toys, picture books, art, and a live streamed feed of the Holy Eucharist.

Sunday Morning Hours:

8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

For children 3 months through age 5. No reservations are required for Sunday mornings.

Anyone working with children at Saint Mark’s must successfully complete the Washington State Patrol background check and specialized training.

Special Event Childcare:

Available by request for children ages 3 months through 3 years of age for Wednesday evenings or special events. Please email childcare@saintmarks.org to make arrangements. Childcare may be cancelled for special events if sufficient reservations are not received 24 hours prior to the event.

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Stay in Touch



Kelly Moody, Director of Children's and Family Ministries, 206.323.0300, ext. 225

Want to know more?

Here are the particular hopes that guide Children’s and Family ministries at Saint Mark’s:

  • To affirm each child’s belovedness and creation in the image of God.
  • To recognize Jesus as God’s beloved son, and ourselves as followers of Jesus.
  • To practice living as Jesus taught us to live (in community and with practical concern for those around us).
  • To support and equip families as the primary pastors of children’s spiritual lives.
  • To inspire in children a desire to know and love God, to seek God’s dream for the world, and to give thanks for all God has done through Christ in communion with others.
  • To give children a language to speak of their experiences of God, and space to wonder about and engage with mystery.
  • To connect individual spiritual experiences to the collective experiences of people of God in the past and the present through biblical stories and liturgical worship.
  • To assure children they are always welcome in God’s house.

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